US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks on the last day of the Republican National Convention on July 21, 2016, in Cleveland, Ohio. © AFP

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is reportedly planning to invest tens of millions of dollars to put an end to the political lives of two of his former primary opponents John Kasich and Ted Cruz after they refused to endorse him this week.
Citing an unnamed source, Bloomberg reported on Saturday that Trump “plans to create and fund super-PACs specifically “aimed at ending the political careers of Cruz and Kasich should either run for office again.”
The report said Trump would invest some $20 million or more in one or two outside groups about six months before their respective election days if they stand for office again.
According to the source, the mogul “would be willing to invest tens of millions more if necessary to ensure his former competitors didn't win another race.”
Cruz refused to endorse Trump during his Republican National Convention speech on Wednesday, instead urged the audience to vote their "conscience" in the presidential election.
Kasich also refused to show up at the convention although it was held in his home state Ohio.

This is a combination of file photos of former Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz (L) and John Kasich. © AFP
Trump’s feud with the Texas senator boiled during an event in Cleveland on Friday, suggesting that he would fund an outside group against Cruz if he wins the presidential race in November. He said Cruz had "ruined his political career."
“Maybe I’ll set up a super-PAC if he decides to run,” Trump said of the Texas senator.
The source familiar with Trump's thinking, however, said the presidential nominee would consider forming the super-PAC whether or not he wins the White House.
According to Federal Election Commission rules, if he doesn't win the presidency, he is clearly free to set up and fund a super-PAC.
The source also suggested that the outrage that Trump has exhibited in the aftermath of the nomination contest could fade over time, leading him to drop the plan.

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