Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump looks on during the Republican National Convention, in Cleveland, Ohio, July 21, 2016. (AFP photo)
US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is enjoying a boost in nationwide support after the Republican National Convention (RNC), reaching a near tie situation with presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, a new poll shows.
The Reuters poll released on Friday found that Trump was now 3 percentage points behind the former first lady in terms of national support, chasing her 41-38 percent.
Nevertheless, the poll marked a big jump ahead for the New York businessman, as he managed to cut Clinton’s lead by 9 points. Trump trailed Clinton by 12 points in last week’s Reuters poll.
The real estate mogul formally accepted the Republican Party's nomination for the US president on Thursday, after winning enough delegates for the position the day before.
The poll’s findings fall along the same lines as a NBC News/Survey Monkey Weekly Election Tracking poll released on Tuesday, which put Trump within one point of Clinton, 46 percent to 45 percent.
‘Clinton will win’
Also on Friday, an economic election model called Moody’s Analytics predicted that Clinton will easily win the White House battle.
According to the model, Clinton is slated to win the vote with 326 electoral votes against Trump's 212. A candidate only needs 270 electoral votes to enter the White House, even if the majority of voters opt for the rivaling nominee.
US Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (AFP photo)
In Moody’s model, Electoral College votes are awarded parties based on state-by-state outcomes.
The model has correctly predicted the winner of every election since its debut in 1980, and has projected a Democratic victory since the release of its first run in July 2015.
To predict the winner, the model takes into account economic variables such as state level income growth, home and gasoline prices on, as well as presidential approval numbers.

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