Afghan volunteers move the bodies of victims at the scene of a bomb attack that targeted crowds of minority Shia Hazaras during a demonstration in Kabul on July 23, 2016. (AFP)
Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced his readiness to fight terrorists along with Afghanistan after a deadly attack targeted the Afghan capital Kabul.
Putin made the announcement in a message of condolence sent to his Afghan counterpart Ashraf Ghani on Saturday.   
"The head of the Russian state strongly condemned this cynical crime committed against peaceful citizens and reiterated readiness to continue the most active cooperation with the authorities and people of Afghanistan in fighting all forms of terrorism," read part of the letter published in a statement released by the Kremlin.
Putin also voiced his sympathies and support to the families of the victims and wished the injured a speedy recovery.   
Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) meets with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani during the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Ufa on July 10, 2015. (AFP) 
Earlier, twin blasts targeted a street demonstration in Kabul where thousands of Shia Hazara demonstrators had gathered from early in the morning in protest against a controversial power line project.
According to Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry 83 people were killed and 260 more injured in the attacks claimed by Daesh.
The United Sates also condemned the attack in “the strongest terms" and offered the Afghan government assistance for investigating the incident.
"The innocent victims today were ... exercising nothing more than their constitutional right of peaceful demonstration," said US State Department spokesman John Kirby."The killers responsible for this bloodshed do not represent the future for Afghanistan and will not prevail."
An Afghan protester screams near the scene of a bomb attack that targeted crowds of minority Shia Hazaras during a demonstration in Kabul on July 23, 2016. (AFP)
Meanwhile, Afghanistan's Interior Ministry has issued a statement banning public gatherings of any manner for the next 10 days.
Ghani has also declared Sunday as a day of national mourning during a live televised speech.
"I promise you I will take revenge against the culprits," he said. "I have ordered the attorney general to set up a commission to investigate this incident."

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