With the first U.Spresidential debate coming up soonthe economy leads the long list of top concerns for Americansfound a Gallup poll released Friday.
Economy continues to lead the list at 14 percentfollowed by dissatisfaction with governmentat 11 percentand jobs and unemploymentalso at 11 percentthe Sept. 7-11 Gallup poll found.

There are a number of other major problems cited by Americansincluding the election (8percent), race relations (7 percent), immigration (6 percent), terrorism (5 percent), and   national security (5 percent), the poll found.
These will likely be among the most pressing issues atop Americansminds as they watch the two candidatesDemocratic Party's Hillary Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trumpdebate for the first time on Sept. 26.
Indeedthis year's presidential election comes at a time when a large chunk of Americans  are dissatisfied with the economyWhile the official jobless rate has loweredeconomists say the figure hides a number of issues and does not show a full bill of health for the U.S.economy.
Economic problems have been particularly severe among the nation's blue collar workers -- the bulk of Trump's supporters -- with many families struggling to get by.
The percentage of Americans who name the election or election reform as the greatest U.S.problem has been rising while the presidential campaign dominates political news coverage.
In recent election yearsa smaller percentage of Americanstypically 1 percent to 2 percentmentioned the election as the top problem for the U.S.
But the issue has gained prominence over the past yearlikely because of the controversiessurrounding Clinton and Trumpwho are both highly unpopular.
As the economydissatisfaction with government and unemployment are regarded by Americans as their top concernsthey are likely to be the major discussion points in the upcoming presidential debates.

Americans continue to cite the economy and dissatisfaction with government of the United States as the most important problems facing their country, according to new poll.
The monthly Gallup survey conducted September 7-11, shows that 14 percent of respondents list the US economy as the biggest challenge confronted by the nation.
Dissatisfaction with the government retains the second-place spot, with 11 percent of Americans naming it as the leading source of concern.
Several other issues register a notable level of concern, including unemployment at 11 percent and election reform at 8 percent.
Other top concerns for the US include race relations (7%), immigration (6%), terrorism (5%), national security (5%) and national morals and ethics (5%).
The percentage of Americans who name elections or election reform as the greatest US problem has been rising, likely because of the controversies surrounding the two highly unpopular major-party nominees.
Polls taken in the past several months have shown that US presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were ranked among the most unpopular presidential candidates in America’s history.
In the Gallup poll, 7 percent of Americans name racial issues -- including racism and race relations -- as America's top problem.

Americans' mentions of racism and race relations as the most important problem facing the country has increased amid protests over high-profile incidents of police brutality toward blacks.

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