Iranian parliament speaker, Ali Larijani (R), and Iraqi Minister of Planning Salman al-Jameeli meet in Tehran on September 25, 2016. (Photo by ICANA)

Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani has lashed out at world powers and some regional countries for pursuing the policy of supporting terrorists which has fueled insecurity in Iraq and Syria.
“Incorrect policies and the support of global powers and some regional countries for terrorist groups have led to the spread of insecurity and instability in the region, particularly in Iraq and Syria,” Larijani said in a meeting with the Iraqi minister of planning and acting minister of trade, Salman al-Jameeli, in Tehran on Sunday.
Noting that all regional countries are duty-bound to fight extremist and terrorist groups, Iran's top lawmaker stressed the importance of solving regional woes through political and diplomatic approaches and said the Islamic Republic would continue with its policies aimed at restoring stability and peace to the region.
Larijani further said deep-rooted historical, cultural and religious commonalities between the Iranian and Iraqi nations would be a cornerstone for the expansion of political, economic and parliamentary relations.
He noted that Tehran and Baghdad have numerous opportunities to boost their trade and commercial relations and said the removal of banking restrictions, facilitation of trade exchanges between private firms, and lifting of visa requirements for Iranian and Iraqi pilgrims can help bolster cooperation between the two sides.
Iran, major obstacle to spread of Takfiri ideology
The Iraqi minister, for his part, said Iran has played a key role in fighting extremism and Takfiri ideologies in the region.
Jameeli called for efforts to speed up economic cooperation between the two countries.
He said Iranian and Iraqi officials must continue consultations and hold constant negotiations on regional and international developments and ways to remove economic obstacles as well as developing ties in different fields.

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