Chicago police search for evidence at the scene of a shooting in Chicago, Illinois, on February 11, 2017. (Photo via the Chicago Tribune)
Two teenage girls have been shot in the head in separate incidents less than 30 minutes apart in Chicago, Illinois.
A police bulletin released on Sunday said that one of the girls, aged 11, was in the back seat of a parked car at around 7:40 pm, when someone fired shots, "striking her in the head."
The girl, identified by her grandmother as Takiya Holmes, was said to be in critical condition at Comer Children's Hospital.
"They are treating her as best as they can with all kind of aggressive measures that the hospital can do for her, but it's grim and we want prayers to go up for her. We want whoever saw what happened to tell the police," Patsy Holmes told local media.
According to police, she was hit in the back of the head during the incident on the city’s South Side, which saw another head shooting less than half an hour earlier.
A 12-year-old playing with friends was also shot in the head in the city’s West Englewood neighborhood.
She was said to be the unintended target of a shooting at about 7:15 pm, police said, initially identifying the victim as a woman, between 35 and 40 years old standing on the corner when the incident happened.
Both cases were being investigated in the city, which saw an average of more than two murders and nearly 10 shootings every single day last year.
According to ABC News, “The trend has continued this year.”

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