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Facebook buys Atlas advertising software from Microsoft

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SOCIAL NETWORK Facebook has announced that it bought Microsoft’s Atlas Advertiser Suite to bolster the services it offers to advertisers.
Microsoft, which owns a small chunk of Facebook, has not surprisingly been quite close to it, with Microsoft’s Bing powering the social network’s search functions. Now Facebook has bought Microsoft’s Atlas Advertiser Suite for an undisclosed sum.
Microsoft’s Atlas software product provides marketeers with tools to administer advertising campaigns and measure their success. Brian Boland, product marketing director at Facebook claimed that the acquisition would “benefit both marketers and users”.
Boland said that Atlas will allow those running advertising campaigns better understand how successful they are. He said, “If marketers and agencies can get a holistic view of campaign performance, they will be able to do a much better job of making sure the right messages get in front of the right people at the right time. Atlas has built capabilities that allow for this kind of measurement, and enhancing these systems will give marketers a deeper understanding of effectiveness and lead to better digital advertising experiences for consumers.”
Facebook said it will invest in scaling up its back-end measurement systems and work on advertising tools on both its desktop and mobile applications. The firm has been trying to work out ways to successfully sell adverts on its smartphone and tablet apps as more of its users move away from the desktop.
Facebook said that the Atlas software development team will continue to work in Seattle.