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Baby Mama says Ludacris offered her $10k to abort our baby

In a surprising twist, the court granted Ludacris full custody
of his 1-year old daughter with baby mama Tameka Fuller..If you recall,
she got pregnant for him while he was dating his girlfriend(now wife).

In a video obtained by TMZ
Ludacris’ baby mama testified in court that it’s ridiculously ludicrous
he’s fighting for full custody of their daughter, because he
desperately wanted her to have an abortion to the point he even bribed

“I told him the same day I found out. He was not happy. He cried. He
did say this isn’t something that we planned. Let’s move forward with an
The baby’s not going to have a family. The baby is
not going to be with the mother and the father in the same house. This
is just all bad. This is going to ruin his life and ruin his career. He
gave me the money for an abortion actually. It was $900 and some change.
We were having a conversation about it. He was like I can’t take you
back to the house. I got 10 grand. I’ll work it out. I can help you
out with whatever it is you need. If you need a house…we’re going to
work together.”

She believes Luda’s quicky marriage to Eudoxie was just a transparent ploy to show the judge he has a more stable home than her..