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Balloon brushes power lines with 10 people on board in Melbourne crash

A hot air balloon with 10 people on board has crashed in suburban Melbourne, brushing power lines as it came down.

were no injuries when the balloon came down at Essendon Fields, near
Essendon Airport, just after 7am today (9am NZT) an Ambulance Victoria
spokesman said.
The balloon came in contact with power lines while the basket was on the ground.
It was understood power was off in the area.
Police are investigating.
searchers in New South Wales have found a man’s body near the wreckage
of a light plane that crashed in the state’s Illawarra region.
crashed single-seater plane was found less than two hours after the
search resumed this morning in dense bushland between Bulli Tops and
Sublime Point at 6.30am (8.30am NZT).

Police say searchers found the body of the man, 57, in the area where the plane came down.
The hunt for the plane was sparked after a resident reported a loud bang in the area at about 7.45pm (9.45pm NZT) on Tuesday.
single-seater aircraft with one man aboard was reported missing after
taking off from Wedderburn Airport, between Sydney and Wollongong.