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Buhari Tells Supporters to Vote And Stay Till Result Is Released

The All Progressives Congress (), Oyo State chapter, has said that
the gubernatorial candidate of the Accord Party and its leader, Senator
Rashidi Ladoja, lacked the moral right to accuse any government of

This was even as it said the former governor was a serial liar, whose
political gambit is to confuse the people with unsubstantiated lies as a
way of getting cheap place in their hearts.

The party made this known in a release made available to Nigerian Tribune by its director of publicity, Mr Olawale Sadare.

Reacting to the allegation of wastefulness and abandoning of projects in
the state, levelled against it by Accord Party, APC, in the release
said, “The Oyo State APC is of the opinion that Senator Ladoja and his
Accord Party are either too naïve to realise the country-wide economic
recession which is incapacitating all states in the federation from
achieving their lofty aims, or it is too blindfolded by politics of hate
to know that Oyo State, as much as it tries to swim out of this
economic issue, is not an island.”The release read further that the Government House banquet hall, which
was constructed almost three decades ago, needed to be rebuilt so as to
save the state the exorbitant cost of hiring event centres for
government activities.

“The APC said when government put the further reconstruction of the hall
side by side payment of workers’ salaries in the state, it opted for
the latter.

“Today, our state does not owe December salary to any of its workers and it is on the verge of paying them the January salary.

“The Technical University too had to be suspended because our partner in
Texas expressed reservation about the state of security in the
country,” the party said.

While maintaining the famous maxim that he who must come to equity must
do so with clean hands, the APC said while Ladoja was in government, he
had a history of abandonment and shoddily done projects.

“When Ladoja claims that he had a history of building factories, he
forgot to add that they were poorly conceived and became a drain on the
state purse.

“For instance, the burnt brick factory he claimed to have constructed at
Oloba area of the state had no access road to it and the refurbished
machines brought to the site grounded to a halt barely months after
their commissioning,” the party added.

“Again, the fruit juice factory he sited at Oko as governor never
produced a droplet of juice till today because the processing line is
non-existent and had substandard laboratory equipment. In the same vein,
the so-called garri processing factory he brought to Igbeti never
produced a grain of garri for a day because the oven that was
constructed for the exercise was not lagged and became very risky to
operate. Oyo State lost billions of naira on an expedition of futility
of the Ladoja government due to his shallow understanding of industrial
construction,” the party said.