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Conductor drops dead in front of screaming audience and musicians during a symphony in Switzerland

An Israeli conductor collapsed and died in the middle of a performance as horrified audience members looked on.
renowned Israel Yinon, 59, was directing an orchestra at the Lucerne
Culture and Convention Centre last night, concert organizers said.
through conducting the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra of Central
in a rendition of Richard Strauss’s Alpine Symphony, he
collapsed and tumbled off the platform headfirst, according to Neue
Luzerner Zeitung.
The symphony had reached an instrumental
‘summit’ when the concert hall was filled with screams from musicians
and members of the audience in the front row, the newspaper said.
Yinon was internationally renowned and had conducted the BBC Symphony and Berlin Symphony orchestras

Yinon was internationally renowned and had conducted the BBC Symphony and Berlin Symphony orchestras.

               Internationally renowned Israel Yinon. Photo / Priska Ketterer / AP
Musicians left the stage and the audience was asked to leave the concert hall.
Reinhardt, a spokesman for Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and
Arts, whose students were performing, told the Associated Press an
audience member tried to save Yinon, but he died in the ambulance on his
way to a hospital.
He had no details on what led the conductor to collapse and it is not yet known what caused his death.
theme of the concert was ‘the healing Alps’ which, as various Swiss
media noted, was a cruel irony given how events unfolded.
had previously conducted the BBC Symphony and Berlin Symphony
orchestras, and various others across Europe, making numerous CD
He was initially trained in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
Yinon had previously led the students of the Jungen Philharmonie Zentralschweiz orchestra in concerts in 2009 and 2012.
The school said they lost ‘not only a highly regarded musical colleague and sensitive educator, but a big-hearted friend.’