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D’banj now ready for marriage and to have kids

has said he will be getting married this year and he also intends to
have a baby this year. According to him, his mom wants him to get
married now and the pressure has been somehow high. Hear him;

‘Yes, I was under pressure towards the end of last year to get married, my mum really wanted it,’ he said. 
When NETng asked him if he was going to do what his mother really wants by taking a woman home to her this year, he said;

I don’t know yet but I know that I am intending to do it this year.
More importantly for me, I’ve always wanted to have a child, but last
year my brother, Kay Switch had a child and it brought so much joy to
me. So this year, I’m thinking of settling down to have my own Koko
junior soon,’ he said.Hmm,
me thinks D’banj shouldn’t have said this in an interview, because
every girl around him now, even some that had already made up their mind
to go will all turn into Mario. Even if they catch him cheating, they
will still stick to him, just because they want to be the chosen one.