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Kim Kardashian Googles Benyonce Many Times a Day

While many girls try to emulate Kim Kardashian’s
curve-hugging style, incredible career trajectory, and man-enchanting
ways, Kim’s always looking to another famous female for inspiration.
Life & Style
reports that Kim spends a significant portion of her time online bowing
down at the altar of Queen Bey. A source for the magazine claims that
Kim is enchanted with Beyoncé’s every move and spends what little free time she has researching the star.

Kim Kardashian on Instagram

“She Googles her multiple times a day,” claims the Kardashian insider.
Kim love Beyoncé for her amazing fierceness, her cyber-stalking ways
are not solely rooted in friendship and admiration for her fellow celeb.
“Kim wants to see how many more hits Beyoncé gets than she does,” says the source. “She wants herself and Kanye to be an even bigger power couple than Beyoncé and Jay Z!”
Kim’s attempts to stick her name and face on every product possible are
a good start in making her as famous as Mrs. Carter, she’s still got
some work to do before she reaches Beyoncé’s platinum status. Let’s just
hope she leaves the singing to the reigning queen.
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