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Queen and Prince Charles talks privately about sceptre

Prince Charles has discussed with the Queen the “sensitive matter” of
what sort of king he should be, royal aides disclosed before
publication of a biography that explores the Prince’s preparations for
Sources close to the Prince have said there is “no one”
other than his mother with whom he would talk about his plans for the

A new book claims Prince Charles is unhappy about his impending ascent to the throne. Photo / AP
Clarence House is preparing for the publication on Thursday of Charles: The Heart of a King by Catherine Mayer, a journalist for Time magazine, which is expected to include the thoughts of his courtiers on how he will approach his eventual role as sovereign.
Prince’s future is also likely to be discussed in a second book, to be
published this month, by the former Downing St communications director
Alastair Campbell. Winners and How They Succeed is understood to
include a chapter on the Queen, based on Campbell’s experiences in
Downing St and on recent conversations with royal aides.

Mayer claims the Prince is “joylessly” taking over more of the
Queen’s royal duties. He feels so passionate about the many causes he
champions that, in the words of one courtier, ascending the throne will
be like “prison shades” closing for him.
In an article for Time
she said: “Far from itching to assume the crown, he is already feeling
its weight and worrying about its impact on the job he has been doing.”
sources close to the Prince said anyone who claims to have insight into
his thoughts on kingship is merely “hypothesising” because “there is no
one other than his mother with whom he would discuss such a sensitive
Mayer’s book is also expected to address the belief in
some quarters that the Queen should bypass her son and make her
grandson, Prince William, her successor. She quotes the Prince saying
that: “If you chuck away too many things, you end up discovering there
was value in them.”
Among friends of the Prince Mayer spoke to
was actress Emma Thompson, who described dancing with him as “better
than sex” and the former chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks, who described him
as being “ahead [of] and behind his time. He’s not of his time”.
Sommerville, who co-founded the design company Attik with a £2000
($4,155) loan from the Prince’s Trust and became vice-president of
global design for Coca-Cola, told Mayer the Prince is so entrepreneurial
that “if he was in industry, he would be a Branson or the late Steve
Extracts from Charles: The Heart of a King have not
been released ahead of serialisation but publisher WH Allen said: “This
book offers fresh and fascinating insights into the Prince’s first
marriage which did so much to define him, and an assessment of his
relationship with Camilla, the woman he calls, with unintended accuracy,
his ‘dearest’ wife.”