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Too Many internal rancour Killing Nollywood: Actress, Ngozi Nwosu

Popular actress, Ngozi Nwosu, warns that internal rancour in Nollywood
may have serious consequences for the Nigerian film industry, CHUX OHAI

Now fully recovered from the illness that had kept her away from the
Klieg lights for a while, popular , Ngozi Nwosu, is
back on the beat.

The actress is currently on the set of a new movie that is still in progress.

“I am just trying to get back on my feet. I have been off the scene for
quite a while because of my state of health. Now I am coming back fully
and I am working with Chris Obi-Rapu right now,” she says, declining to
mention the title of the film yet.
This should be good to millions of Nwosu’s fans who have patiently
waited for her return to the screen these past months. Although the
actress has decided to go back to Nollywood, she is definitely not done
with drama productions on TV.

As a versatile actress who has peddled her skills on the stage and
screen, no doubt, she is not the type to ignore an invitation or
opportunity to put her God-given talent into good use.

“I can never get tired of acting. This is what I have been doing all my
life. Anywhere I am called to do the job, I will do it. It doesn’t
matter if it is on TV, a stage production, a movie production on
celluloid or home video. I will always be there,” she says.

Listening to Nwosu talk on the phone, it was difficult to imagine that
she was the same person whose failing health had attracted so much
attention from movie fans and other individuals across the country. For
once, her voice exuded good health, self-confidence and a cheerful
disposition that many Nigerians, especially her fans, had feared might
be lost forever.

About two years ago, the actress was diagnosed with a kidney ailment
that had left her seriously sick and emaciated. At one point, it was
rumoured that she was infected with the dreaded HIV/AIDS virus and the
illness was due to complications arising from the infection.

Perhaps scared of exposing her illness to the public, Nwosu had kept mum
and reportedly gone underground to evade prying eyes. But many fans of
the popular TV family sitcom, Fuji House of Commotion, in which she
played a prime role, had noticed her continued absence on the set of the

It was not until the actress appeared as a special guest on the
MTN-sponsored TV game show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire– her first
outing in public since she went ‘AWOL’ really – that the truth about her
condition began to unfold.

It took the personal efforts of Nwosu’s friend and entertainment
journalist, Seun Oloketuyi, who incidentally assisted the actress on the
hot seat of the game show, to let the world know that she was not
infected with the HIV after all.

Convinced that she was suffering from a heart-related and kidney
ailment, Oloketuyi and a few close friends of the actress had swung into
action and called on kind-hearted Nigerians to provide financial
assistance for her treatment abroad. About N6m was needed for her

Several months later, the Lagos State Government donated the sum of
N4.5m to Nwosu, in addition to N2.5m previously donated by well-meaning
individuals from different parts of the country. Finally, she jetted out
of the country on February 26, 2013 for a surgical operation in a
London Hospital.

The celebrated Nollywood actress, whose career started on a bright note
with her sterling performance in Kenneth Nnebue’s groundbreaking home
video film, ‘Living in Bondage’ in 1992, marked her 50th birthday after
she returned from the United Kingdom.

Still as vivacious as ever, she is truly back in her elements and more
than anything else in the world, wants to reclaim her rightful place in
the Nigerian film industry. Part of her dream, in the present
dispensation, is to make regular appearances in the movies, including
Yoruba language movies. But, first, she has to deal with a basic
problem, which has to do with the existence of cabals in the movie

“One of the things killing the film industry is the fact that it is
riddled with too many cliques. Nowadays, it appears that you have to
belong to a clique in the industry to get a role in a movie. This is
really silly and something has to be done about it. I don’t want to
belong to any clique.

“Although I am seriously affected by this unhealthy development, I
believe there will be a change of attitude soon. The only thing that is
constant in life is change. Nevertheless, I am still available to anyone
who sees me as a professional and wants to work with me,” she says.

The actress notes that the worst affected are members of the older
generation of artistes, adding that many of them are withdrawing into
their shells because movie producers are no longer giving them jobs to

“They are ready to work, if they are given jobs to do. But this doesn’t
mean they should go down on their knees to beg the producers,” she says.