Reports on Greek Tragedy: Meeting Fails

June 14, 2015 11:25 pm

Looking grim. The Germans do not understand there is a limit to the cycle of more austerity, and more economic depression … eventually, in a democracy, the people will say “no”.

From the Financial Times: Greek default fears rise as ‘11th-hour’ talks collapse

“Greek movement [is] not discernible,” said a senior eurozone official. “I think they do not want a solution.”

[I]f Europe wants a split and the humiliation to continue, we’ll take the decision to say no, a big no, and we’ll fight for the dignity of our people and our national sovereignty.” [said Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras, ]
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From Reuters: Greece and creditors fail in ‘last attempt’ to reach deal

European Union officials blamed the collapse on Athens … Greece retorted it was still ready to talk …

“This is very disappointing and sad. It was a last attempt to bridge our differences but the gap is too large. One can discuss a gap, but this is an ocean,” said a person who was close to the talks.

Following what it called this “last attempt” at a solution, the EU’s executive Commission said euro zone finance ministers would now tackle the issue when they meet on Thursday.

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