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Donald Trump hits out at Associated Press

’s relationship with the media is becoming rather complicated. If media don’t report favourably on him, he attacks.
Fox of Fox the first high profile victim. After the first GOP
debate in which Fox asked Trump a few difficult questions, he said “she
was bleeding from her eyes, bleeding from her… wherever.”
then, he has begun to restrict media access at events to pens and
continues to call out specific reporters and columnists who criticize
him. Lately, reporters have even been warned of getting “blacklisted”
from covering Trump’s campaign by staffers.

Trump reached new heights this morning in his tirade against
the media by hitting out at Associated Press (AP), the widely respected
news syndication network.
AP is a strange target for Trump.
Rather than following any editorial line, AP news is a wire service
produced through a cooperative of networks with 243 bureaus spanning
over 120 countries worldwide.

He narrowed it down a little when he named one of the thousands of people that work for AP.

Associated Press reporter, Paul W. Purcell wrote “We’re talking about
Associated Press here. It *literally* wrote the book on style.”

afterward he tweeted the Washington Post asking for an apology on a
report they had done, because “many people have tweeted that I am

An article in Business Insider today
reveals “five major TV news networks are even reportedly meeting
sometime Monday to discuss pushing back against the Trump operation.”
not all negativity though. Trump has been praising the reporters who
cover him in a more kindly manner. Such as Rush Limbaugh.