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Mother and son reunited after McRefugee story


A story about the woman living in a Hong Kong McDonald’s reunited her with her son. Photo / AP

A Singaporean woman who went missing nearly five years ago has been reunited with her son after her plight was reported in an Associated Press story about people who sleep at 24-hour McDonald’s outlets in Hong Kong.
Mary Seow disappeared after selling off the family home in Singapore.
members reported her missing but her whereabouts were a mystery until
she was quoted in the AP story about people known as “McRefugees.”
was just one of an untold number of homeless and working poor spending
their nights at the 120 McDonald’s restaurants open round the clock in
Hong Kong.
But her tale caught the attention of family members,
the Singaporean government and concerned citizens who worked swiftly to
reunite the widow with her only son.