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New Zealand beauty queen leaves Philippines over safety concerns


Nicole Harding was in Manila representing . Photo / Facebook

A New Zealand beauty queen says she has to leave a pageant in the Philippines due to fears for her safety.
Nicole Harding was in Manila, representing New Zealand at the Miss and Mister Pancontinental 2015 global pageant.
The pageant started on November 19 and was supposed to run until the end of the month.
But Ms Harding has said New Zealand diplomats have told her she needs to go home.
I am having to leave the Miss Pancontinental pageant early. Due to my
safety and security the New Zealand Embassy has decided that it is best
if I fly back to New Zealand,” Ms Harding told her friends on Facebook.
beauty queen, who is 22 according to a social media page for Miss
Pancontinental, said she was “saddened” as she’d worked hard to make it
to the pageant in the Philippines.
“…But with the lack of organisation, climate and security it is unsafe for me to be here any longer,” she added.
you to everyone that has been there to support me through this
experience and I am looking forward to touching down in New Zealand and
seeing all of my friends and family,” she added.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is being approached for comment.