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New Zealand ‘Rapist’ comments don’t dent National: poll

National’s support remains strong despite controversy over
deportations from Australia and Prime Minister John Key’s assertion that
the opposition was backing “rapists and murderers”.
Support for
Mr Key as preferred Prime Minister did dip slightly to 38.3 per cent
(down 1.2 per cent since September) in the latest 3 /Reid Research poll.
he remains well ahead of Andrew Little (steady at 10.4 per cent),
Winston Peters at 9.3 per cent and Jacinda Ardern – not chosen for the
Labour deputy leader position – at 4.2 per cent.
The poll of 1000
people was conducted from November 9 to 17, the period which saw
extraordinary scenes in Parliament after Mr Key accused Labour of
“backing rapists”, during heated debate about Kiwi detainees in
A large number of Opposition MPs, mostly women, left
the debating chamber in protest after Speaker David Carter refused to
make Mr Key apologise.

Several of them, including Greens’ Metiria Turei, Jan
Logie and Catherine Delahunty revealed they were victims of assault and
had taken personal offence at the Prime Minister’s accusation.
Despite the controversy, the 3 News/Reid Research poll showed National’s support was steady on 46.7 per cent, down 0.6 per cent.
was also down slightly to 32.3 per cent (down 0.7 per cent), while
support for the Greens was steady on 10.2 per cent, and
First fell slightly to 7.5 per cent (down 0.4 per cent).
If the
results are translated to Parliament’s 121 seats, National and its
coalition partners would be able to scrape through with 61.
Labour (39 seats) and the Greens (12) would fall short, even with the support of NZ First (9).
the smaller parties, the Maori Party was at 1.3 per cent (up 0.8 per
cent), while Act and the Conservative Party were below one per cent.
The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3.5 per cent.