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UK police fed up with time-wasting calls

 A spider in your bin is not an emergency, Surrey Police say. Photo / Christine Cornege

Police in Surrey are fed up with time-wasting calls, saying they receive far too many about non-emergencies.
Police say they received calls including “Will I get arrested if I move
my housemate’s banana?”, “Fancy a chat?” and “My shutters aren’t
working properly”- all in the same day.

Other 999 calls made to
Surrey Police included “There’s a spider in my bin”, “My washing machine
isn’t working” and “My TV is broken and EastEnders is about to start.”
Officers revealed the daft calls from members of the public as part of a campaign to highlight the issue of police time-wasting.
one call, a distraught resident said: “I think someone has stolen my
eggs. My chicken lays an egg every morning, but today there wasn’t one
The force took to Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag “policing matters” to raise awareness.

Surrey Police said it received 675,500 contacts from people
every year – nearly 2,000 a day, making it important for people not to
waste their time.
And last year they attended a staggering 10,270
incidents – on average 28 a day – which were not “policing matters”
and should have been directed to other organisations.
released by London Fire Brigade also show two people a day dial 999
after getting trapped in the toilet and needing rescue.
Data shows that they have attended 3,885 call outs to people stuck in their bathrooms since 2011.
A London Fire Brigade spokesperson told the Daily Mail the vast majority of calls received were for non-emergencies.
embarrassing getting locked inside a toilet but the vast majority of
the call outs are not emergencies and we’d like to wash our hands of
these incidents, freeing up more time for our crews to assist people in
real need of assistance,” the spokesperson said.
“We’re asking
people to think before they dial 999 and to spare a thought for those
who do not have access to sanitation and toilets.”