Hillary Clinton campaign remains ahead of Donald Trump in fundraising, spending

October 30, 2016 3:38 pm

US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton holds advantage over her Republican rival in fundraising. (File photo by AFP)

The monthly filings of the US campaign finance disclosures have again highlighted continued advantage of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over her billionaire Republican rival in the days running up to the November 8 election.
Trump has registered only $16 million in cash on hand after taking in $30.5 million in donations and spending more than $49 million, The Hillreported Saturday. The figure marks the lowest by a presidential candidate at this point since 1996.
According to the report, over $19 million of that spending went to media advertising buys as Trump has increased his lackluster television ad spending in the race’s final full month while providing another $14 million to the digital firm running his online fundraising and digital advertising.
The campaign of the Republican candidate further disclosed $2 million in new debt to vendors that has not yet been paid off.
Absent from the filings, however, were unknown cash donations from Trump himself, who has vowed as recently as this week to hit $100 million in personal donations to his campaign.
So far, the report says, the billionaire businessman has donated nearly $56 million to his campaign and stated on Friday that he would write a check for another $10 million.
This is while Clinton’s campaign filings indicate that she will have significantly more resources at her disposal than her Republican opponent. She has $62 million banked away for the last two weeks of the election campaign; nearly four times that of Trump.
Moreover, her campaign continues to raise and spend more money than Trump, taking in almost $53 million while spending $50 million over the last period.
An analysis of the presidential campaign finances by The Associated Press indicates that the Democratic campaign had almost $153 million by October 19 at its disposal compared to the $68 million in the bank to support Trump’s presidential bid.
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