66,000 American women to march on Washington a day after Donald Trump inauguration

November 14, 2016 2:00 pm

A group of protesters, comprised mostly of women, rally against outside of Trump Tower, in New York City, November 3, 2016. (Photo by AFP)

More than 66,000 American women have expressed their willingness to take part in a massive rally scheduled for January 21, a day after President-elect Donald Trump will take charge of the White House.
Dubbed “Women’s March on Washington,” the event’s Facebook page has gone viral, drawing interest from people all over the US.
As of Monday, aside from those who said they were definitely “going” to the event, another 156,000 said they were “interested” to partake.
People in other states have also taken an interest in the matter, gearing up to hold similar events in their own communities.
The event would be held shortly after Trump’s inauguration, raising suspicion that it would in fact turn to another anti-Trump rally.
Fontaine Pearson, one of the march’s organizers, denied the notion in an interview with CNN, saying it was only aimed at shedding light on women’s issues, including sexual assault and workplace discrimination.
“We’re strong, but this has been a very difficult election for a lot of women,” Pearson said, adding that that individuals on both side of political aisle were going to support the march.
According to the march’s page, the event was an “inclusive march” for “everyone who supports women’s rights.”
The event’s announcement came in the wake of Trump’s crushing victory over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, despite facing criticism over his treatment of women.
During the campaign, Trump faced severe backlash over a leaked 2005 videotape that showed him using obscene language about women.
Many senior Republicans distanced themselves from the then presidential nominee, fearing that the fallout of Trump’s erratic campaign would harm their image.
The upcoming rally would spell new trouble for Trump, whose election on November 8 has already outraged many Americans.
Thousands of protesters have been holding rallies in various parts of the US, urging Trump to resign over his racist and divisive campaign pledges.
Major US cities like Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Portland and several other cities have seen violent confrontations between protesters and security forces, with over 200 people being arrested in Los Angeles alone.
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