Argentineans rally to support opposition-proposed law

November 19, 2016 12:00 pm
Argentinean protesters have taken to the streets in the capital to support an opposition-proposed bill that they believe will contain the adverse effects of the government’s austerity measures.
Tens of thousands of protesters attended the rally in Buenos Aires on Friday to support the “social emergency law,” which would pressure the government to use public funds to create jobs and increase subsidies to the poor.
The law, drafted by opposition lawmakers, was passed earlier this week at the Senate but the country’s lower house of the parliament is yet to endorse it.

Argentinean protesters rally against government austerity measures in the capital city, Buenos Aires, November 18, 2016. (Photo by AFP)

West-leaning President Mauricio Macri has instituted austerity measures since he took the helm in December 2015, saying they are aimed at boosting ’s competitiveness and taming rampant inflation
His relationship with unions and leftist groups has been tense due to high inflation and soaring consumer prices as well as nationwide job losses. Leftist activists and workers unions were among those who took part in the huge rally on Friday. 
More than 150,000 workers have lost their jobs since Macri took power in December 2015.
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