British police plan crackdown on Million Mask March in London

November 5, 2016 5:30 pm

Protesters of “hacticvist” group Anonymous face police lines during a November 5, 2015 rally in . (Photo by Reuters)

British police have planned a crackdown on this year’s Million Mask March, during which thousands of people will take to the streets in central London.
London is expected to see thousands of people wearing Guy Fawkes masks in the streets on Saturday evening to protest “austerity measures” and “unelected power.”
The annual rally organized by “hacktivist” group Anonymous is also limited to a specific route in three hours.
Police issued a warning that they will not tolerate violence and will arrest anyone using the rally as an excuse for violence.
“If you commit criminal acts – that is not peaceful protest – and you are liable to be arrested,” said Metropolitan Police Commander BJ Harrington.

The Guy Fawkes-themed march is against capitalism and promotes civil liberties.

He said last year’s protest turned violent after some participants caused “criminal damage to public property, smashing the windows of businesses and attacking police officers.”
Police arrested more than 50 people during last year’s rally when protesters hurled fireworks and debris at officers. Four police officers and six police horses were injured in the clashes.
“Those who chose to behave like this are not protesters, they are criminals, and they undermine the thousands of people who protest responsibly and safely in London every year,” the commander warned.
In response, the organizers of the rally told their supports on Facebook that “We have simple advise, the police are not your friends, they do not regard you as such, do not regard them as such either.”

Police clash with protesters during Million Mask March in London in November 5, 2015.

The group also called on police to “to restrain from violence and their usual mob mentality.”
The annual rally is one of many similar marches held worldwide on November 5.
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