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Economy, elections top problem facing US: Poll

This AFP file photo taken on December 2, 2015 shows a homeless man pushing a shopping cart with his belongings in downtown Los Angeles, California.

Americans say problems with the and elections are the most important challenges facing the country, according to a monthly Gallup poll.
Overall, 31 percent of Americans mention issues related to the economy as the nation’s most important problem, according to Gallup’s first post-election survey.
These economic problems include unemployment, the federal debt, poverty and the gap between the rich and the poor.
The percentages of Americans naming the economy in general as the country’s top problem have not changed much in recent months, despite an some increase in economic confidence.
Meanwhile 11 percent name elections or election reform as the biggest problem, the poll found, the largest percentage to say so since Gallup started tracking this question monthly in 2001.
“Domestic policy issues such as the economy, elections, race relations, healthcare and unemployment dominate the problems that Americans say are the most important facing the country,” Gallup said.
Dissatisfaction with the presidential election results largely explains the growing concern about US elections. The plurality of Americans voted for Democratic Hillary Clinton but Republican Donald Trump won the presidential race.
Thousands of people across the US have taken part in protests against Trump since his election last week.
Other problems facing the country include racism, healthcare, dissatisfaction with government, moral and religious decline, terrorism and crime, the survey shows.
Regarding racism, Americans are more skeptical of Trump’s ability to improve race relations, perhaps reflecting some of the divisive comments he made during the presidential campaign, Gallup noted.