Chilling police tapes reveal woman’s lies about murdering, dismembering elderly neighbour

March 2, 2017 5:30 am
Chilling videos have revealed how a mother who murdered and dismembered her elderly neighbour in an attempt to steal her home repeatedly lied during police interrogation.
Angelika Gavare bludgeoned Vonne McGlynn, 83, to death in December 2008 before cutting up her body and using her daughter’s pram to carry it into the bush outside her home in Adelaide.

Ms McGlynn was dismembered by Gavare and her head and hands have never been found. Photo / Channel Seven

Gavare was trying to steal McGlynn’s home and was found to have forged power of attorney documents in an attempt to access the elderly woman’s savings.

Police interviews aired on Channel 7’s Murder Uncovered show the killer calmly telling police that her neighbour had given her permission to access her bank account so she could redecorate her home while she was away.After the pensioner was reported missing, Gavare repeatedly told police that McGlynn had gone travelling and would eventually return.
But police – and McGlynn’s bank – did not buy it, prompting a police investigation.
When officers found the elderly woman’s fridge full of food and her glasses still inside the home, they knew something was not right.
But Gavare continued to give plausible explanations to the police, even when she was found to have Googled details on previous murders and how DNA works.
“Ninety-five per cent of what she said was consistent,” police said.
“However, it’s those smaller details that were inconsistent because what you’ve got to do when you are making lies up, is remember the lies that you’ve told previously.”
Police eventually searched Gavare’s home, where they found a note in her handwriting that said: “I deeply regret what I have done in the past last month.”
Officers also found a Balinese table and a toaster inside the home, which aroused their suspicions as McGlynn collected the tables.

Police grew suspicious after a Balinese table and a toaster (pictured) belonging to Ms McGlynn were found inside Gavare’s home. Photo / Channel Seven

When they realised the items were missing from the elderly woman’s home, they launched a full-scale search of the area.
In January 2009, police combing bushland just across the road from the women’s homes found McGlynn’s body.
Her head, legs and arms had been removed from her torso and police believed Gavare had dismembered her and dumped the remains in a creek in the hope that animals would eat her corpse.
It later emerged that Gavare used a hacksaw to butcher the elderly woman before using her child’s stroller to carry the body parts through the bush.

Gavare continued to deny she was responsible for the murders, but was arrested, found guilty and jailed for life. Photo / Channel Seven

McGlynn’s head and hands have still not been recovered.
Police believe that Gavare hid in McGlynn’s home before bludgeoning her when she returned, all while Gavare’s two children slept next door.
It is believed that Gavare’s plan was to obtain the deeds to her neighbour’s home and sell it.
But it took weeks for officers to search the grounds near the two homes, because they thought it was too obvious a place to dump the body.

CCTV shows Gavare trying to withdraw $2,000 from Ms McGlynn’s bank account. Photo / Channel Seven

“The last real area that we come to search was directly in front of Gavare’s house,” the officer said.
“And really that was left to last because in all honesty, it was really unlikely that you would dispose of those remains directly in front of your house.”
Gavare continued to deny she was responsible for the murder, but was arrested, found guilty and jailed for life.
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