Police officer's last message: 'F*** you South Australia Police'

March 6, 2017 4:28 pm

The officer has been described as “a well respected officer, and former ADF member, who will be missed by many”. Photo / 123RF

A South police officer posted “F*** you SA Police” on his Facebook before walking into a local hospital and taking his life in front of medical staff last night.
The man reportedly drove to Cowell, about a 500km drive west of Adelaide, before entering the District Hospital around 9.45pm, .com.au reported.
It is not known if the officer was on or off duty at the time of his death.
A brief statement issued by SA Police said authorities were “preparing a report for the coroner following the death of a man at Cowell on March 5”.
“No other persons are being sought at this time,” the statement read.
A South Australia Police spokesperson told news.com.au they had “nothing further to add”.
One of the police officer’s colleagues, who asked to remain anonymous, said the man “posted (a) ‘f*** you’ msg (sic) to SAPOL” on Facebook moments before he diedCowell District Hospital has been contacted for comment.
“The messages said F*** SAPOL and some other comments,” the source said.
The man, who news.com.au has chosen not to identify, has been described on social media as “a well respected officer, and former ADF member, who will be missed by many”.
“This bloke was and will forever remain a dead set legend,” another person wrote.
“No one saw it coming. We got the watch now brother.”
“We are all better people having known you,” another said.
News.com.au last month reported a lack of welfare support and subsequent mental health crisis within the Australian Federal Police after an agent was believed to take her own life in the Melbourne headquarters on February 7.
The reports prompted several state police officers to also come forward and highlight that a lack of welfare support for work-related mental health issues including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was also a problem in state policing.
“South Australia has just seen one of their officers (take her own life),” one police officer told news.com.au.
The source was referring to constable Sharryne Grant, South Australia’s longest serving female police officer, who died by suicide in Adelaide in October last year.
“Suicide within the ranks is being ignored state wide,” he said.
“Cops can’t speak out, because they are crucified by management.
“(Instead they) suffer in silence.”
Blue Hope director Mark Kelly told news.com.au the organisation had received “nearly 50 referrals from struggling police since Christmas”.
“We are under the pump trying to meet demand,” he said.
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