Rome transport coming to standstill amid strike on Women’s Day

March 8, 2017 10:10 pm
Transport is coming to a standstill as a strike began in the Italian capital, , in protest against the mistreatment of women at work.
People were pushing into one of the last buses in Rome as transportation staffers were to begin a 24-hour strike in the city to mark the International Women’s Day.
A union statement said the strike was organized to demand better conditions for women at work, including a raise in salaries and better shifts for mothers.
The union said women had been offering services in the Italian transport system for the last 25 years, saying violence against women at work should stop.
The organizers said the walkout was also meant to force officials to pay the salaries of all workers on time. They said positions and salaries of transport workers should be adjusted to reflect what the workers are actually doing.
Travelers were clearly angry at the halt of the services while buses had notices reading, “Not in Service.”
“At least today (International Women’s Day) they could have made things easier,” said a housemaid, adding that she had so much difficulty getting to work.
“I think it is a bit disgusting, I mean we are talking about Rome, the capital, it is an important city, there are a lot of tourists,” said another commuter, who said the industrial action could seriously tarnish the image of Rome as a tourist destination.
The strike began at midnight on Tuesday and was to continue with a few hours of service during rush hour. Dozens, including tourists visiting the historical districts of Rome, crammed into the last bus leaving the Termini Railway Station.
There were no comments from officials on the strike and whether they could meet the demands about salaries and other work conditions.
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