Trump’s tweet ‘had nothing to do’ with Paul Ryan, his aides say

March 26, 2017 3:00 pm

Speaker of the House departs after delivering remarks and taking questions at a press conference at the Capitol after President Trump’s healthcare bill was pulled from the floor of the House of Representatives March 24, 2017 in Washington, DC.

In an effort to avoid more fights with , aides to US House Speaker Paul Ryan say the president’s recent tweet “had nothing to do” with the Wisconsin Republican.
Trump, who had vowed to repeal and replace Obamacare, was embarrassed Friday over failing to gain enough support from his own party’s members in the House of Representatives, which made Ryan pull the bill from consideration.
The president reacted in part by encouraging his Twitter followers to watch a TV show called “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” in which the host starts by calling on Ryan to step down as the speaker.
Judge Jeanine Pirro accused the Wisconsin lawmaker of having “failed to deliver the votes on his healthcare bill, one trumpeted to repeal and replace Obamacare.”

US President Donald Trump and Judge Jeanine Pirro

“You come in with all your swagger and experience and sell them a bill of goods which ends up a complete and total failure and you allow our president, in his first 100 days, to come out of the box like that, based on what?”
Pirro furthers assured viewers that Trump is not to blame for the fiasco as he is just a businessman and unaware of Washington .
“No one expected a businessman to completely understand the nuances, the complicated ins and outs of Washington and its legislative process. How would he know on what individuals he could rely? Ryan has hurt you going forward, and he’s got to go.”
In an effort to calm the situation, Ryan’s aides told NBC on Sunday that the two politicians held talks earlier in the day and that Trump’s tweet was not meant to undermine the speaker or serve as a call for his resignation.
“The president was clear his tweet had nothing to do with the speaker,” his aides said. “They are both eager to get back to work on the agenda.”

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