US President Donald Trump’s only option is to forge friendly ties with China, Russia: Mike Billington

July 5, 2017 10:30 pm
The President must cooperate with Russian and Chinese leaders to de-escalate tensions in the Korean Peninsula and other parts of the world, says a political analyst in Washington.
The North Korean problem will be easily resolved if Trump works with Russian President Vladamir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, said Mike Billington, an editor with the Executive Intelligence Review.
Washington must seek the help of Moscow and Beijing to end the “British imperial design for constant war, perpetual warfare, perpetual division of the world, divide and conquer,” Billington told Press TV on Wednesday.
On Tuesday, North Korea fired missiles and the US and South Korea held a retaliatory missile drill escalating tensions.
The exchange of missiles prompted Russia and China to urge them to exercise restraint.
This is while, Trump is scheduled to meet world leaders at the G20 summit in Germany on Friday and Saturday.
On Wednesday, he departed US on his second foreign tour by heading to Warsaw, Poland, where he is scheduled to proclaim his newly found dedication to NATO in a speech and in meetings with a group of nations with closest proximity to Russia.
After Poland, he will spend the remaining time of his 4-day tour in Germany.  
In response to Press TV’s question, Billington stressed the great importance of the upcoming G20 summit in Germany, not only for resolving the dispute on the Korean peninsula, but also for ending other conflicts around the world.
Billington said the meetings that will take place at the summit will have a huge impact on the outcome of global conflicts.
He said building friendly relations with the two countries is Trump’s only option to attain a sustainable peace in conflict zones across the globe.
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