‘‘I Have Offered My God Udo Ngwu The Sacrifice I Promised It Last Year’’ – Germany Based Nigerian Man Says, Shares Pictures Of His Rituals

October 29, 2017 7:40 pm

‘I have offered my god ‘Udo Ngwu’ the sacrifice I promised it last year’ – Germany based Nigerian man says, shares pictures

A Germany based Nigerian man, Oliver Emeka Nwokedi, has shown the public how excited he is after fulfilling his pledge made to his god traditionally at his village in Anambra state last year.

The hardcore traditionalist who has always expressed his beliefs with delight publicly – revealed the items he used for the sacrifice and how the native doctor confirmed the acceptance of the pledge.

He share photos of the items which includes a ram, that was slaughtered and its blood poured on the ‘deity’, a ram, 12 cockerels and 6 hens.

Here’s what he wrote on Facebook;

We went to pay udo ngwu my promise of last year on Tuesday.one goat and one RAM. Plus 12 cockerel, 6 nnekwu Okuko.the Dibia confirmed the acceptance by udo right there that my gift was accepted.Traditional Nwokedi the voice of Umu Udo in Biafra Land.


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