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Jeremy Meeks’ Wife Takes Him To Court Over Their Son’s Welfare

Jeremy Meeks is an absentee father whose success as the so-called “Hot Felon” went straight to his head … so claims his estranged wife.

Melissa Meeks has filed documents demanding child and spousal support, as well as sole legal and physical custody, claiming Jeremy sees their 7-year-old son “maybe 2 days a month.”

In the documents, Melissa says Jeremy “basically lives as a playboy with a rich girlfriend”, TopShop heir Chloe Green.

Melissa claims he drives a $150k car and has lots of jewelry now.

She doesn’t list how much she wants in support because “I am not yet sure of his income, but I am sure it is more than mine.”

She says Jeremy’s “success went to his head and he left us.”

Recall, he filed documents back in July to separate from Melissa after 8 years of marriage. He filed for divorce in October.