Photos: Nigerian Man Vincent Aguluefo, Wins Big At The 2017 NPC Ruby Championship in Florida, USA

This Nigerian man from Anambra State, Vincent Aguluefo, has just won big at the 2017 NPC Ruby Championship in Florida, USA, he shared the goodnews on his instagram page @lv_blacknight;

I never really post pictures of my Trophies…. But I figured this one time wouldn’t hurt…. There you go… “Sometimes we gotta walk through fire to be purified Gold”

It is ONE thing to start from nothing with opportunities around you… But it is a different ball game to be born nothing, placed in nothing and made to start from nothing, And having all sources of powers in Life, Love, Family, Fear, Pain, Money, working their hardest to drag you back to nothing…Many Have no single idea… Believe in thyself! Believe!!! ~Blac”K”night

Ruby Championship was da bomb…pictures are straight.
Placed: 1st place men’s Bodybuilding heavyweight…and Overall.
1st place Men’s Classic physique and overall… It may sound or seem regular but sometimes the things these athletes go through to stand on those stage…I have nothing to say but to show respect. The goal is still to find a reason to Believe! Yes, in yourself… Regardless.