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Russian Senate prepares blacklist of US-based media outlets — including the CNN

American network CNN may face restrictions in . (File image)

The Russian Senate has prepared a list of US-based media outlets — including the CNN — that could be subjected to restrictions in Russia in response to measures against Russian media operating in America.
The Russian Federation Council Committee on State Sovereignty prepared a blacklist of at least five US media organizations, Moscow Times weekly reported on Wednesday.
Russian Senator Oleg Morozov separately told Russian RBC TV that Moscow blacklisted those American media outlets that “receive foreign funding” and “interfere in Russia’s domestic policy.”
He said the outlets included the CNN, Voice of America, and Radio Liberty. The names of the two other outlets were not disclosed. But The Washington Post and The New York Times are also likely targets.
Morozov said the measures were in response to the restrictive moves taken against Russian networks, including Russia Today (RT) and Radio Sputnik in the US. Those measures included limiting broadcasts and terminating existing contracts.
The Russians decision also came after the US Justice Department asked that the RT adhere to a 1930s foreign agent registration law over concerns of alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.
Meanwhile, Russian prosecutors are reviewing the possibility of labeling US media outlets as “undesirable” in response to the move by the US Justice Department.
“If they take control of [Russian] employees’ personal data, we will take control of the corresponding foreign media employees’ personal data,” he added.
Earlier, Russian senators reportedly proposed to cut the number of US media organizations in Russia to equal the number of Russian outlets in the US.