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Video: Floyd Mayweather explains the charms in the bracelet made for him 10 years ago

The flamboyant boxer took to his official Facebook page to explain the charms in the ‘ice’ bracelet made for him 10 years ago.

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Floyd wrote:

This charm bracelet that was made for me 10 years ago is one of my favorites out of all the priceless pieces I own! I brought it out today to honor the things and people I enjoy the most. Each charm tells a bit about me. The basketball and football pieces: two of my favorite sports that I bet and win on all the time. The musical note: this represents my love and appreciation for all genres of music. The double “R”: out of all the 400 exotic cars that I’ve owned throughout my life, the Rolls Royce is one of my favorites. The jet: this is for my jets, “Air Mayweather” that has taken me to places around the world that most could only dream of. The chess piece: it’s a reminder that life is about strategy and you must not only know your next move, but your opponent as well. The kid charms: these charms represents each of my four children, the absolute loves of my life. And last but not least, a boxing glove: a tribute to where it all started from.