“Next Time, Allow Me To Die” – Nigerian Man Cries Out After A Male Neighbour Gave Him Mouth To Mouth Resuscitation To Save His Life

Nigerian Twitter user Brian Dennis‏ @BrianJDennis has just taken to his handle to share this hilarious story about his friend who collapsed and then a guy helped reviving him with cpr mouth to mouth and after the guy survived his life did not remain the same, his story has gone viral;

Just remembered one time my roommate collapsed and our medical student neighbor gave him mouth to mouth.

When he woke up, his first question was “abeg na who kiss me??!

We told him and he admitted to me like 4 days later that his life will never remain the same.

“So na Tochukwu kiss me that day”

“See Brian, next time make una carry me go hospital instead or leave me make I die”


Man rather die straight than live with the idea of being kissed by another dude😂😂😂