“If I die, Please Look For At Ajiwe Police Station” – Actress April Joju Muse Cries Out After Been Assaulted By Policeman (Video)

December 12, 2017 12:41 pm

Nollywood actress, April Joju Muse, took to Facebook to share a video of how she was assaulted by a Policeman after he scratched her car with a van.

April Joju Muse;

The actress who was heard shouting ‘you scratched me, you want to show you are a policeman’ in the video she shared, wrote;

“My dear friends if I die, pls look for at Ajiwe police station. I was brutalised on my way to work. I’ve posted a video.”


April Joju Muse Thanks to all the efforts guys. Its been statement and discussion with authorities. I’ll get with you all soon please. Much love. I really appreciate you guys. Thanks a lot


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