Nigerian Man Brags About Raping 4 Female Friends On Date In Akwa Ibom

December 12, 2017 4:03 pm

Facebook user, Gloria Okhani, took to the platform to call out one Vhyktoh Gustor, who left a comment on a post about rape, bragging about raping 4 friends on first date.

The Facebook post read;

”ladies will you still date a guy if he rapes you on your first date”

The Uyo based man, Vhyktoh who commented, wrote;

”I’ve gotten about four good friends now which our first date was all in that manner. We all tally greatly”.

Gloria who shared screenshots of this, wrote;


Forcing yourself on a Girl is quite different from Raping a Girl, Funny enough none of the 4 girls have issues with me, Meaning that we had sex not Raping

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