Two times most ugly man in Zimbabwe reclaims the title

December 5, 2017 4:57 pm

William Masvinu 43, who has won ‘The Most’ ugly man in Zimbabwe, reclaimed the title again on Sunday night at Ruwa-based Mtangaz Hideout.

Masvinu, was tagged “naturally” uglier than four other contestants. Masvinu, with 98 points on the board, beat Fanuel Musekiwa, 61, into second place.

“It was a tight competition since all the contestants were potential winners. Last time, complacency cost me a lot but this time I came well prepared for the contest and I am happy I have reclaimed my trophy,” Masvinu said, after reclaiming his title. .
“I am proud of my ugliness as I was born ugly.” Winning the Mr Ugly contest entitled Masvinu to an ox but he opted to be given $500 cash instead. Second-placed Musekiwa pocketed $200 with Sere taking home $100.

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