Four months to royal wedding, Meghan Markle deletes social media accounts

January 10, 2018 5:16 pm

Altar-bound American actress, Meghan Markle, has deleted her social media accounts.
The 36-year-old ‘Suits’ star who got engaged to Prince Harry in November no longer has a social media presence.

Markle has gone off Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

“Sorry, this page isn’t available, the link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed,” says the Instagram error message that pops up when searching for her handle.

On Twitter, it reads: “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”
In a statement, Kensington’s palace said while the actress is appreciative of her followers, the accounts had been dormant of late, hence their closure.
“Markle is grateful to everyone who has followed her social media accounts over the years, however as she has not used them for some time, she has taken the decision to close them,” the statement read.

Prince Harry and Markle visited Reprezent radio station, in Brixton south London, on Wednesday to get some music recommendation for their wedding.
Gloria Beyi, a presenter at the radio station, told Reuters that the couple who “go quite well together” preferred House and Hip-Hop music.

Beyi said they chose “a little bit of house, a little bit of hip-hop, cos Harry did say that he is interested in hip-hop and house.

“So, that mixed together at a wedding? Then you’re pretty good. Those two genres if they’re there, you’re pretty sorted for your wedding.”
Harry and Markle will marry on May 19 at Windsor Castle.

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