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France’s first sex doll brothel opens in Paris

France’s move comes after Britain's first "sex doll brothel" opened - where customers are offered a "try before you buy" service. (Photo: AFP)

France recently got its first sex doll brothel in Paris for people who prefer the company of plastic than real women.

The sex club has several rooms and customers are offered services of a silicone model instead of a real prostitute.

There are four different types of dolls of different shapes, colours and sizes dressed in skimpy lingerie while the rooms are adorned with images of other sex robots.

France’s move comes after Britain’s first “sex doll brothel” opened – where customers are offered a “try before you buy” service on an industrial estate in Gateshead.

Last week a pop up sex doll brothel opened in Amsterdam’s red light district – paid for with taxpayers’ money by presenters of TV show Spuiten en Slikken (Shoot and Swallow), a controversial show about drugs and sex on Dutch public television.

Presenters tried to lure in tourists to have sex with one of the dolls, which would cost them 30 euros (£26), during the one-day event.

According to a recent survey, one in five Germans said they would like a robot sex doll and more than one in 20 say they could even fall in love with one.