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Mistress Sues Her Lover’s Wife For $5M After Threatening To Break Her Legs

A woman and her family are being sued by her husband’s lover for allegedly threatening to break her legs, disfigure her, and destroy her after they learned about the affair. She is seeking $5million in damages.
According to reports, Alice Bahar, 37, met her lover, landlord Abraham Sanieoff, as an exclusive broker for one of his West Village rental properties. He pursued her, but Bahar says she initially told him ‘No stay away from me. You’re a married guy,’ according to her attorney.

Eventually she relented and would share a love nest with him when his wife, Charlet Sanieoff, 35, found out, she reportedly went ballistic on her husband’s mistress.
‘What you have is a family affair where a husband cheats on his wife and then instead of the wife being angry at the husband, they go on the attack trying to destroy the woman he seduced,’ Bahar’s lawyer Robert Hantman told the New York Post.
‘They had an affair, she admits that. The claim is that after the fact the wife found out about it and the wife sent the most threatening messages you can imagine,’ Hantman said.
The audio of that conversation was obtained by the Post in which Charlet allegedly says: ‘Trust me when I tell you, you have 24 hours. One day, one day left to give me back every single gift.
‘Write it down you dumb b**** … If it’s not in my hands in one day, one day I will give him the order to break both of your mother-f***ing legs… He’ll just make it look like an accident. He’ll just make it look like you fell down a flight of stairs. You can run, you can hide, my team is watching you.
‘…I got good news for you, you’re not cut out for brokerage but Wh**** R Us is looking for you! You’ll be their number one star. 24 hours! Mail them!’
Charlet also allegedly called on her mother and her two brothers to continue to threaten Bahar.
Charlet was arrested by the NYPD in March over the messages. Bahar subsequently obtained a restraining order against her in July. The charges were dropped after the wife left her alone for six months.
But now Bahar wants to sue the couple for ‘extreme mental and emotional distress.’
Source; Daily Mail