One Feared Dead As Rival Gangs Clash In Ibadan

January 29, 2018 12:14 pm
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According to Nigerian Tribune, heavy fighting broke out between rival street gangs in Ibadan at the early hours of Monday, at Oke Ado, Itamaya and Foko area of the ancient city.
In the melee, one of the thugs was feared killed before the police could be mobilised to restore peace to these troubled areas.
The cause of the fight could not be immediately ascertained, but it may not be far from occasional battle for supremacy between rival groups in these Ibadan down town.
One of the thugs allegedly hacked to death, according a feeler, was dragged from his house to Oke Ado area where he was said to have been killed.
Policemen have been mobilised and had arrived the hotspot to restore normalcy to he area.
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