Photos: 27 y.o urologist delivers a Nigerian lady, Toyin Ogundipe’s baby on a plane from Paris to New York

January 18, 2018 11:01 am

A second-year urology resident jumped into action to deliver a fellow passenger’s baby boy half-way through an eight-hour flight from Paris to New York.

Dr Sij Hemal is a second-year urology resident at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio who jumped into action when flight attendants asked for medical help 

Dr Sij Hemal was awaiting a glass of champagne on the way home from his best friend’s wedding when flight attendants asked for medical help over the loudspeaker.

Raising his hand, he was promptly asked to help Toyin Ogundipe, 41, who had gone into labor a week early – four hours from their destination and two hours away from a safe emergency landing.
Using the Air France flight’s medical supplies to monitor vitals and contractions, Dr Hemal helped the Nigerian banker, who lives and works in the UK, safely deliver her son after 30 minutes of pushing.
He used shoestring to tie and cut the umbilical cord for baby Jake, who now has a US passport because they were flying in US airspace. 
Speaking to Daily Mail Online, Dr Hemal said he was just glad everything went smoothly – and was relieved it all happened before he’d had any champagne.

Dr Sij Hemal, 27, (left) delivered Toying Ogyndipe's baby boy on a flight from Paris to New York last month 
The mother-of-two from Nigeria was 39 weeks pregnant when she went into labor 35,000 feet in the air 
Jake was born on December 17 and a pediatrician on board said he appeared to be healthy 
The mother-of-two is now recovering in New Jersey with friends  

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