Photos: Four Suspected Migrants Caught While Hiding Under Car Bonnet To Sneak Into Europe

January 15, 2018 11:49 am

Four suspected migrants have been caught trying to sneak into Europe by hiding inside a car as it crossed into the Spanish North African territory of Melilla.

Two of the people – from sub-Saharan Africa – were hiding in the car’s boot, while another was found under the bonnet.

A fourth, a woman, was reportedly found under the dashboard.

The driver and a passenger in the car were also detained, according to Spanish daily La Vanguardia.

Two police officers involved in catching the four suspected migrants had to be treated for injuries – one after taking a blow to the knee, the other after being hit in the hand.

The suspected migrants reportedly entered Spanish territory at the Beni-Enzar border crossing between Melilla and Morocco

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