Photos: Nigerian Man Cries Out On Facebook After Seeing Nigerian Police Using Their Van To Carry Grass To Go Feed Fulani Herdsmen Cows

A Nigerian Man named Christian Ejike Obioko has just taken to facebook to cry out after he allegedly saw Nigerian Police officers using their vans to carry Grass to go feed hausa Fulani Herdsmen and their cows, he posted the below photos with the caption;

Now you can see that the owners of the cows that are being protected at the expense of human life belongs to all the Nigerian Police /Military Bosses.

For those of you still expecting the Nigerian police to protect you from Fulani terrorists, check this out.

Your security officials now works as herdsmen with the Zoo resources


Only Biafra can save us.

see some reactions below;

Johnson Ugochukwu people will just post rubbish without making inquires. we have policemen, horse police and and some Horses serving with the police force.. what you are seeing here is their feed. na my motor dem go take carry the feed b4?

Mujeeb Bello If God nor punish these fulani herdsmen killers, and their sponsorers; I swear to God, I nor go answer HIM on judgement day. I go just waka go hide for my mum’s bedroom.

Tanko Anas They said he want to make 9ija a Islamic country, it passed, they brought Biafra KANU , he chased him away, they brought Don wanye, he fall, they said he made fuel go up , he said it will be sold for 133N, now Fulani are the talk if the town , we shall see the end

Emmanuel C Hugo Smh…. gossip mill please where is the cow? Cos all I can see is a hay stack.. the earlier we know that this page is an agent of destruction, the better for us..