Photos: Years After She Was Driven Out By Her Former Son-in-law During Omugwo, Nigerian Woman Builds Her Own House

Instagram user, Nkiru narrated how her ex-husband sent her mother out of his one-bedroom apartment when she came for omugwo.

The mother’s supposed crime was that she had bought foodstuffs for her daughter because the husband couldn’t afford to and instead of appreciating the gesture he turned against her.

Today, Nkiru’s mother is a landlord. See her post below


Her Mom was chased away by her son-in-law immediately her daughter put to birth (CS)..

Enough motivation for the mom to build a house of her own.

This happened in Port-Harcourt

Read Nkiruka post..
Read her message below: “My life is a story. So call me a story teller. Remember when I gave birth to my first son Darel, my mum came for omugwo, my ex drove her out of his house (one bedroom) just because she provided food for me to eat that he did not drop money for the woman who just gave birth through cs. My mum left Port Harcourt that day with tears in her eyes. I was helpless and hopeless, I wept like a baby that I had no say. But my mum said to me, Nkiruka Lucky challenged me today, I will build a compound that nobody can drive us away again and she did. This one is not for rent ooooo. Wait till you see the family compound. That was where we lived before and that is what my mum built. Who says you can’t do it.”