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We can only confront killer herdsmen if we have good weapons – Injured policeman

The Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, has lamented over the continuous attack and killing of indigenes of the state by herdsmen suspected to be aliens, describing the situation as unacceptable.

The Governor made the remarks Friday, during a visit to a camp at Local Government Primary School Gbajumba in Guma L.G.A of the state where some Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs are being kept and catered for.

Ortom also visited a Government Hospital in the Local Government where victims of a fresh herdsmen attack were receiving treatment. During the visit, he was informed by one of the victims of the death of one Sgt. Solomon Dung who was killed by the herdsmen while on a special duty in the area.

The wounded police officer disclosed that the Fulani herdsmen always outnumbered the policemen and also carried superior weapons. “We were about 30 while they were more than 40. The Cattle were in front while the heavily armed herdsmen stayed at the back. Immediately they sighted us, they came out from their ambush and started shooting in our direction. We responded. But when we realized we could not engage them effectively because of their superior weapons, we had to retreat. Unfortunately Sgt. Dung could not make it.”

He confirmed that the attackers were foreign herdsmen. “I saw them. I engaged them. They were Fulani herdsmen. We can only confront them if we hold good weapons.”

The Governor sympathized with the victims and promised to take care of them. “This is a serious matter. The Federal Government must stop treating herdsmen with kid gloves. Enough is enough. The herdsmen from what you have seen and heard have graduated from killing women and children to killing our law enforcement agents. This is unacceptable.”

“And somebody will stay somewhere and just be telling lies that Ortom has 6,000 militia. If I have militia, will I fold my arms and watch foreigners kill my people, in my own Local Government?” He urged the Federal Government to “stop the blame game and confront the bull by the horn. Once and for all.”

“They said I talk too much. I will continue to talk until they give us justice. They cannot silence me. But, even if they do, one day, these young ones who are refugees today, will take up the fight tomorrow.”