Who leaked Blac Chyna’s sex tape, Kris Jenner?

February 21, 2018 7:51 pm

Blac Chyna wants you to know that she did NOT leak her own sex tape — even though it was in her possession at the time it surfaced.

According to TMZ:

Sources close to Chyna tell TMZ the scene was shot on her cellphone last July, but insists she showed it to absolutely no one. We’re told the phone was not stolen and there’s no obvious evidence it was hacked. No photos or videos from her phone have been leaked, other than the sex tape.
Mechie says after he shot the vid on Chyna’s phone, he gave it back to her, and never got a copy of the video.
We’re told Chyna will file a police report with the LAPD by week’s end and will fully cooperate.

If Mechie didn’t leak it and Chyna didn’t leak it — who did? Kris Jenner? LOL. *jokes*

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